In matters of computer software, digital content, machine learning data sets, databases, web sites, designs and other copyrightable subject matter (both within and outside high-tech), we work with clients to match their copyright strategy to their broader business objectives.

We advise on the advantages of copyright registration and the correlating reproduction, distribution, production, performance and display rights of the work both in the U.S. and abroad. KPPB has also extensive experience in the utilization of the safe harbor provisions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and in navigating the challenges associated with the utilization of open source software during the software development process.

With the diverse technical background and business experience of KPPB’s attorneys, our work goes far beyond the preparation and filing of applications. We work with our clients on their overall copyright portfolios to help identify areas of exposure or potential additional revenue, to ultimately help improve business efficiency and increase competitive advantages. Whether negotiating industry standards-based licenses to avoid costly conflicts in the technology and entertainment sectors, or designing licensing programs that leverage both open source and proprietary rights for software licensors, KPPB attorneys have the experience needed to both protect rights and implement business strategies that rely on those rights.