IP Due Diligence & Valuation


For both early-stage technology companies and established companies, successful transactions often turn on the value of the intellectual property rights involved.  KPPB has extensive experience guiding companies through the due diligence required in licensing, investment and IP based M&A transactions.  

KPPB's partners advised both DivX, Inc. and Volcom, Inc. during their successful IPOs, and advised LiquidMetal Technologies in licensing its technology to Apple.  KPPB has also advised companies and Wall Street private equity funds with respect to large IP portfolio acquisitions involving thousands of patent assets. 

Due diligence requirements can arise on short notice and in many contexts.  When our clients are licensing their IP rights to others, or are seeking investment funds, those IP rights come under intense scrutiny.  Our business centered approach to portfolio development is grounded in creating IP that will withstand that scrutiny at any time and we provide the expert support necessary to present the value the IP to prospective licensees and investors. 

When our clients are  acquiring IP assets, or are investing in intellectual property, our deep domain expertise enables us to readily identify potential targets and develop evidence of use.  Our experience in developing litigation-ready IP portfolios also allows us to quickly determine if there are weaknesses in the portfolio.  We can also help identify intellectual property assets that are undervalued, and ripe for further development. Assessing risk is one of the biggest challenges in assigning value in an IP transaction. The ability to accurately quantify risk and identify additional assets to mitigate risk is often the key to KPPB enabling its clients to complete transactions where others have failed.