At KPPB, our patent and trademark specialists work together with our litigators to shape, enforce and defend our clients' intellectual property rights. Our attorneys have substantial experience handling litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, representing clients in U.S. District and Appellate Courts and before the U.S. Supreme Court. Our litigators also lend their expertise to inter partes matters before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Litigation is often treated as a no-holds-barred fight by law firms, resulting in a long, drawn-out and costly battle focused too much on the litigation process, and not enough on achieving the client’s goals. In contrast, the cornerstone of our approach is efficiency. We staff cases with a small and technically-proficient team; the KPPB partner you speak to from the start is the same one who places the brief in front of the judge, and argues the case to the jury.

While the litigators at KPPB are competitive by nature, their sole aim is to successfully end the litigation with an outcome determined by the business interests of our clients. While a litigator should prepare every case as if it will go to trial, a good litigator must also be aware of the opportunities along the way to achieve a resolution that is in the client’s best interest. We keep in mind that getting to trial is not always the goal of litigation, and instead use litigation as a strategic tool to help our clients reach their greater objective. KPPB aims to achieve successful outcomes at earlier stages of litigation, from obtaining a preliminary injunction, favorable claim construction, or summary judgment, to settling cases on the eve of trial based on thorough preparation and a readiness to proceed.