Patent Litigation


KPPB litigates patents across a full spectrum of technologies, focusing our litigation efforts on clients' greater business goals. That can mean taking a case all the way to trial, or negotiating a resolution after a successful claim construction or summary judgment ruling. We use litigation as a strategic tool to help our clients reach their greater objective.

The cost of patent litigation has risen tremendously over the last few years, making both enforcing patent rights and defending against them a costly endeavor. We offer our clients the certainty of budget caps for each phase of patent litigation, so our clients know beforehand the cost of proceeding through each step, from the initial complaint, through discovery, claim construction, summary judgment, trial preparation and, finally, trial. Not only does this provide a business advantage – clients make an informed decision on how to proceed, knowing the total cost before embarking on the litigation – but it often also provides a strategic advantage as well, as a settlement offer or demand can be evaluated in light of a known cost to litigate.

We’ve developed specialized expertise in a variety of technical fields, such as GPS devices, software, email spam filters, clothing, animal identification devices, SCUBA equipment, design patents, medical devices, video games, floriculture, video-on-demand systems, footwear and motor homes, among others.

Our depth of technical expertise allows us to understand most technologies immediately, without the need for outside experts to explain it. This allows us to staff technically- complex patent litigation with only the necessary personnel, eliminating the inefficiencies that occur with a long chain of attorneys between the client, the actual facts of the case, and the briefs and arguments made to the Court.