At KPPB, we do not consider ourselves patent prosecutors, but portfolio developers, developing a portfolio of IP protection that meets the needs of our clients as they move their businesses forward. And we do this by delivering quality, accountability and value. KPPB offers predictable flat fee billing rates and leverages deep technical expertise to increase the likelihood that patent spend will yield successful outcomes, not just at the patent office, but also during due diligence and litigation. In addition, KPPB utilizes state of the art decision support tools to guide claim drafting and response strategy to reduce the duration and expense of prosecution.

Our attorneys are second to none in technical expertise. Whether in digital signal processing, complex computer systems, mechanical or medical devices, or advanced materials, the depth of knowledge our attorneys possess allows us to distill the key aspects of clients' innovations that need protection. However, we also recognize that patents are a business investment. So, in addition to understanding the technology, we try to understand the “why?” of the patent. What role is the patent serving in the client’s overall development strategy? Is this a patent designed to carve out new territory in the market or is there a more targeted and immediate goal in mind?

In tandem with this we seek to deliver value. We obtain IP protection that meets a client’s international and domestic needs while catering to the realities of budgetary constraints. Our use of flat-fees and alternative billing arrangements provide visibility on current and future costs in advance of the filing.

Finally, we aim for accountability and transparency. At KPPB, we leverage progressive technology to put information about clients' IP portfolios in their hands. Our docketing system can be tailored to send out automated reports on the status and progress of specific cases and provide real-time access to information when needed.