Technology Licensing


Successfully commercializing intellectual property within the consumer electronics industry involves partnering with a variety of vendors and OEMs/ODMs. The creation of successful new technology relies on both the compatible components that help form the new technology and supply chains created by intellectual property rights holders.  

KPPB is one of a very small number of firms with experience in assisting clients to successfully develop global licensing and certification programs. We start by working with our clients to identify potential licensees. Then we identify bundles of intellectual property rights that each licensee must acquire to sell into the supply chain and work with our clients to obtain those rights.  We then partner with our clients to establish a certification program, sign their first technology licensees, and build out a global brand.  Integrating patent, software and trademark licenses helps create strong, long-term licensing programs.

Ultimately, you want your technology to become ubiquitous. KPPB has the experience and knowledge to get you there, having designed and executed licensing programs for the successful certification of over 1 billion consumer electronics devices.