A company’s brands are its most important assets for competing in the marketplace. An effective trademark portfolio protecting the company’s brands can be the single most valuable asset of the business. KPPB provides the guidance necessary for new companies to develop strong portfolios protecting their brands and for mature companies to maintain and expand the value of their portfolios. 

KPPB starts with identifying an overall branding strategy that includes a focus on strong trademarks, targeted international protection, clear trademark use guidelines, and diligent policing. For each trademark, we provide clearance searching to identify trademarks that are clear for use and registration. We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive goods and services descriptions to maximize the value of each registration. Based on the target markets for the business, we identify where to register trademarks to maximize value and, and in some instances, when to rely solely on common law rights. 

Once trademarks are registered, KPPB continues to help maintain and expand the value of each trademark. We provide advice on the effective use of the trademarks, identify when new trademark registrations are needed, and establish watch services to identify when third parties are attempting to register similar trademarks. When necessary, we enforce the trademarks through cease and desist letters, oppositions, and litigation. KPPB also specializes in the use of unconventional enforcement techniques involving cooperation with law enforce and customs and border patrol.   

For companies that are licensing their technology to others, KPPB provides a holistic approach to the management of trademarks and other intellectual property. We have extensive experience in coordinating trademark, patent, and trade secret strategies so that they work together to create the potential for integrated licensing programs.